"Recovery Database Network, Inc. (RDN) is a specialized provider of software and data solutions related to
the recovery of assets for the automotive finance industry in the United States. Our web-based software
application, the Recovery Management Database System, Powered By RDN, facilitates business-to-business
electronic commerce ("E-Commerce") between auto lending institutions and service providers involved in the
recovery, re-titling, and disposition of a lender's collateral. RDN serves as an electronic intermediary (or an
electronic software hub) which allows every company in the repossession and disposition "value chain" (Ex.
lending institutions, repossession companies, field visit companies, skip tracing companies, forwarding
companies, auctions, etc.) to be linked through the standard protocols of the Internet. RDN contains
functionality that is primarily focused on "Recovery Related Line-of-Business Applications" (Ex.
repossession, field visit, and investigation work orders forms, open order aging, open order status reports,
collateral recovery reports, collateral condition reports, invoice information, etc.).

RDN's software application is a two-way e-commerce network and communication platform that extends
electronic connectivity into a segment of a lending institution's business where there was previously very little
penetration. The network creates value by aggregating lending institutions and collateral recovery service
providers resulting in marketplace liquidity (a critical mass of lenders and service providers), thereby creating
benefits for both parties. Such benefits result in the further creation of value by reducing search costs,
reducing transfer costs, standardizing systems, and improving matching for both lenders and their recovery
related service providers. Lenders benefit because they have more choices and service providers benefit
because they have greater access to lenders."

RDN Business Overview as seen on RDN home page.
Southwest Recovery is a proud affiliate of RDN.  As a full user of RDN, our
clients now have full access to their accounts 24 hours a day.  When you use
Southwest Recovery, we can set up a user ID for your collectors who will be
able to log into our system and add notes, view updates, request updates, add
addresses, and view account status all without having to pick up the phone with
no extra cost to you.  No more waiting on the phone!  Also, when you add info
to your account, agents in the field are automaticaly notified of clients requests.  
Each agent has 24 hour access to RDN to better handle each account.  This
system has improved our recovery percentage and recovery time.  Please view
their website for more info at:
RDN's Business Overview
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