With an influx of about 30,000 soldiers in the last
couple of years, Fort Bliss has become one of the
largest bases in the nation.  With an expected
population growth by the year 2012, an additional
90,000 soldiers and family members are expected
to call El Paso there home.  Since Fort Bliss and
Biggs Army Airfield is a military reservation,
handling they're repossessions is a sensitive
matter.  Southwest Recovery has a close personal
relationship with Jag and the Class office on Fort
Bliss to insure a timely recovery of your vehicle.  
Southwest Recovery has all paperwork and
documents needed to handle your repossession the
proper and legal way.  One of our agents is an
ex-Marine who handles most of the repossessions
on Fort Bliss because there is a certain culture and
language that civilians have a difficult time
understanding.  We will cut through all the red
tape and immediately get to the recovery of your
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