Southwest Recovery is part of a new and
exciting technology, DRN.  The Digital
Recognition Network is a new technology that
allows its users to scan license plates with
vigilant video cameras and then automatically
runs it through all accounts in RDN with license
plates.  If the software hits a matching open
account open with Southwest Recovery, the
agent is immediately notified that he has located
an open account and can recover vehicle.  This
is great news for our clients because if the
account is open with Southwest Recovery, you
pay nothing for the information.  This service is
completely free for our customers even if the
location of vehicle is at an address that was not
provided.  If Southwest Recovery scans an
open RDN account that is not open with us,
then DRN will charge a locate fee and the lien
holder is notified by e-mail and can decide if
they want to purchase the information.  We
have seen locate fees reach as high as $1100 in
some cases.  But, Southwest Recovery clients
pay no extra fee what so ever for any of our
open accounts that we scan.  
On our first day using the DRN program we
located 6 of our open accounts at addresses not
provided on the original order.  Three of our
plates were scanned at apartment complexes
and were immediately recovered.  The other
three locates were at a health club, strip mall,
and even Target.  Each unit was recovered
within minutes of alert.  This means the
chances of your vehicle being recovered just
went up simply by using Southwest Recovery.  
Also, currently we are the only repossession
company running plates in Texas and New
Mexico.  These cameras are running 24 hours a
day 7 days a week.  We are very excited about
this new technology and hope it will benefit our
clients.  Please feel free to call us with any
This is an example of what will pop on
agents screens when one of our open
accounts plates are scanned.  It provides
picture, position, and time plate was
scanned.  On average one camera will scan
over 5000 plates a day.
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